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Nov 30, 2012 3:00pm PST
compounds ? what clues were left behind of teotihuacan's families ? archaeologist michael spence. we usually bury in cemeteries set apart from the places where the people lived. that makes it difficult to tie them ba into their living quarters. in teotihuacan, fortunately, the people were buried within the apartment compound. some of them were buried in open spaces like patios. these would have been particularly important individuals. but many of them were buried under the floors of the rooms that they had actually lived in. so in teotihuacan, we have the possibility of using these skeletons to try and detect relationships within the apartment compound. keach: thousands of boxes line the walls of a laboratory in mexico's national anthropologmuseum. this is where skeletal remains from excavations at teotihuacan and other sites are stored. looking for evidence of ancient kinship, spence came here to analyze 81 skeletons from a single residential compound known as la ventilla. spence: well, i analyzed them for a series of traits, about a dozen traits. these traits, we think, are partially genet
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am EST
maryland is definitely a liberal state." political analyst lestee &pspence... doesn't hesitate to call maryland - liberrl. 12:32:22 "and notice, my polittcs are left-leaning."the & proof - can be ffund in many u-s senate.... incumbent democrat ben cardinn was quick to praiseehis party....ben cardin: 10:41:08 - "congratuuatiins to president ffct - aryland's republican &pdelegation is now a lonely party of one...andy harris: 11:53300 "i'll actually be the only representative... in the house."marylann voters - also apprrved this year - some very left-leaninn ballot the dream. and we've becomeethe first state to approve gay marriage by eferendum..nd while these moves may puttmaryland in the limmliiht of the left... there's a potential danger in beccoing politically irrelevant.voters' vvices... 3 of the swing states.... 12:39:50 "i think we're already starting to see thht." 3 at ten. 3 straight ahead... the dow plummets... aaday after the & presidential elections. elections.the serious drop... and he reason why aaalysts believe ii
Nov 24, 2012 7:00am PST
roberts. lester spence, he and his wife have five kids and aishia moody-mills, director of the fire initiative of the center for american progress. her wife, danielle, was recently honored as part of the root 100 for her work on environmental justice. thank you all for being here. i greatly appreciate it. >> marcia, what do you mean when you say the american family is at a crossroads? >> many things. the american family is at a crossroads in many respects, one of which you identified. we have an increasing rainbow of families, no longer does the typical family look like ozzie and harriet 50s family that you described. what we also see today is an increasing class divide in family formation. >> yep. >> one that we can't celebrate, because it means that many of our families are increasingly stressed and unable to care for their children adequately. >> the key data on this has been the fragile families data that suggestion there are many different kind of family forms but part what we need to be concerned are the economic circumstances in which families find themselves. lester, you and
Oct 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
morning. inland highs in the low 80s which is remarkable for november 5. >> thanks, spence. >>> if you watched the giants parade from the streets or here on abc 7 there is one perspective you haven't seen yet. what it is like to walk in the parade. news reporter jonathan blum has a first hand look from the other side of the barricades. >> miles of screaming fans. a sea of confetti. buster posey said it best. >> unbelievable. can't put it into words. you got to be here. >> the experience of being in a world series parade not once but twice. >> 2010 and another one for 2012. >> what finger will you put that one on? >> on this one right here? >> ware both rings on the same hand? >> you got that right. >> world series fashion is cooky. remember the underwear? >> remember the rally song? >> retired two years guy. >> what kind of underwear this time around? >> i don't wear any right now. >> about as wild as sergio romo who left his ride behind. >> you are here without a car. i know. yeah, i kind of lost it. oh, it's right the there. i was just so excited. these people are amazing. >> angel s
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
that bus. >>> memorable moment during the giants parade came at the spence of san francisco giants' -- at the expense of san francisco giants' manager bruce bochy. their car ran out of gas stalled along the parade route and had to be pushed all the way to the civic center plaza. a long distance. good thing we never ran out of gas during the playoffs, the players never did. >> you are right, great analogy. >>> ahead, trading is underway on wall street we check in with jane king, live at the new york stock exchange. >> governor brown continues to push prop 30. new poll showing where the tax hurt stands and us, r >>> welcome back. still tracking our rain i am good morning still have east bay valleys, santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains now monterey bay starting to get into more steady rain through about 9:00. east or south expect it to be wet today. it is going to start to dissipate late during the afternoon, 73 fresno, scattered showers in the sierra. upper 60s around element a, san diego. palm springs 87°. >>> let's check in with that southern california boy and find out wh
Nov 9, 2012 9:00pm PST
we are a look at radar tonight. spence spencer. >> well there could be more of all those things to come. certainly will be more showers to come if you look at live doppler 7 hd little pockets of shower activity offshore which has been the pattern for most of the day into the evening hours. but some has moved on land. take a look at this east of san jose over the mount hamilton area. mixed precipitation because the air is really cold so some snow mixing in with some of the precipitation there. farther south down in the big sur mountains down near soledad and greenfield you can see a little bit of snow in the higher elevation there. showers down below and offshore pocket of shower activity a lot of cold air coming our way right now temperatures drop to the 40's in many locations around the bay area. we'll see low 30's in some spots before this night is over. frost advisory in effect for the north bay valley and mountains and the southern valley 2 to 8:00 a.m. see low temperatures in the mid 30's. low to mid 30's. sensitive plants may damaged by the cold. i'll have closer
Nov 30, 2012 1:00am PST
, national security writer for "danger room" at great to see you, spenc. >> thank you. >>> just ahead, i'll wholeheartedly endorse an idea pitched by a superconservative media watchdog guy who hates me. watch and believe. >>> most of what vice president biden made news for today was his trip to costco. a new costco opened up in the d.c. area, and vice president biden whipped out his costco membership card and went to the store. he bought some dura flame logs, an apple pie, children's books, a 32-inch television and spent some time looking at watches. and he hugged people, and he ate snacks that they were giving out in the deli area. and he ate more snacks in the bakery area. he apparently had a great time. and there were great pictures taken of him having a great time at the great big costco in d.c. but the other thing that vice president biden did today that did not get nearly as much attention is something that happened back on capitol hill. and it is both more important and in some ways more impossible to imagine than his funny trip to that funny store today. cameras were rol
Nov 7, 2012 10:00pm EST
maryland is definitely a liberal state.. pplitical analyst lester spence... doesn't hesitate tt call maryland - liberal. 12::2:22 "and nntice, my politics are left-leaning."the &pproof - can be found in many u-s senate.... incumbent emocrattben cardin was quick to ppaise hiis & party....benncardin: 10:41:088 obama... a ggeat victory."in 3 delegation is now a lonely pprty of ne....ndy arris: 18853::0 "i'll actually e tte only representative... in the - hoose." 3 marylann voters - also approved this year - some veryy left-leaning ballot the dream. 3 stateeto approve gay marriige by refeeendum.and whiie these moves may put maryland in the limelight of the left... thhre's a potential dangee n becoming politically irrelevant.voters''voicee... &punneard... over the ssouting of the swing states.... 12:39:50 "i thhnk we're already starting to see that." melinda roeder... ffx 5 news at ten. 3 that brings us to our questtoo of the you think maryland is tte most liberal &pstate in the nation? -3 nation?here's a look at our - f
Nov 14, 2012 12:00am PST
one he can spence for state budge hes. it surfaced k-is education. prisons is the third big areas. they won't cut that. we know it will have a devastating impact on education. medicaid also provides one third of america's children with the only health care they have. so there are many people to think about. i always think that the 535 people in congress who are going to make this decision, it's not really about them. it's about 360 million americans that need them to step up to a very tough issue, find a solution that works for all of americans, not just a few. >> brown: what should the stance of the president... what do you want the stance of the president to be coming out of this election? stick to some guns? compromise? where should he be? >> the president was really clear in this election that he was fighting to protect the middle class from more cuts and to do a deal that would get the economy moving again. what he said is he's going to stick to his guns on that. we think that's... our members who worked really hard and worked our guts out, were knocking on doors and making p
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
put in place a number of processes to be sure every dollar was being strategically spence. and a line to our current policy. that was important to us to be sure we could go to congress and say "we are spending this well." it is very difficult to measure. trying to develop measurement goals, at the same time congress has a very real obligation and they need to understand that this money is being well spent. you have backup the you are trying to manage. these have a huge impact. i am sure you meet people who said i used to go to the library. if you look at some of our competitors around the world, they are investing hundreds of millions of dollars. they understand the positive impact you can have by sharing cultural history and having people understand your country and communities. we do not have the luxury of being able to do that. we're looking for ways to be more strategic. >> let me step back. he raised the question that we do not have a common definition of public diplomacy. it is the public to achieve the national interest. it is influencing. how do we do that? i co-chair a task f
FOX News
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
of his 2012 presidential campaign. iness spence he'll be arguing that a choice for obama amounts to stag nation and more of the status quo and a choice for romney amounts to bold change and prosperity. today mr. romney did comment on the new jobless numbers from the bureau of labor statistics, unemployed ticked up a 10th of a point. he said, the jobless rate was hire than it was when president obama took office and there are still 23 million americans struggling for work. on tuesday america will make a choice between stag nation and prosperity. romney goes onto say for four years president obama's policies have crushed america's middle class, for four years president obama has told us that things are getting better and we're making progress. for so many american families those words ring hollow. romney again will be arguing this it's really a choice between owe obama's status quo and bold proposal for prosperi prosperity. the obama campaign all romney has done is offered vague policies, that they say are failed from the past. mr. romney is going to seize on the numbers today and fold it
Nov 14, 2012 10:00am EST
spences to business, the business has to react. it is so naive to watch different callers say different things. there's a pot of money that comes in, that's rf new. there is a pot of expenses that goes out, those are your expenses, every business and family in america starts with the revenue, prioritizes the expenses, and has something left over to live on. these tax policies, when we roll out the--frankly the press, and i'm not on a tangent on liberal media, using the term it's only going to affect the upper 2% of taxpayers, you really got to flesh that out. i hope the congressman would, too. two represent maybe 40% of all the taxes raised. i would like to seat republicans -- we are talking about 40% of all revenue raised. not get into a 2%. reasonable people who make 50 grand are going $250,000 that's a lot to me. if you are only talking about the upper two people, we are not -- you are talking about the revenue raised. if you position it properly it would appeal to the issue. host: the president is meeting with business leaders today. is that a move that you thought of? guest: -- chr
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)